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Devotional Routine

Posted by on Jul 16, 2018 in Food for Thought

There are few times throughout our busy days when we can stop and take a step back to remember God and praise what he’s done for us.

We lead such busy lives, and it’s almost scary to think about giving up precious moments of those lives. Personally, glorifying God always seemed like a “when I have time” part of my life – until I found the art of devotion.

Devotion is a time you set aside for yourself – at any part of the day – to really think about what God has done for you and how much praise you owe Him. It’s a time of quiet reflection and loving servitude. Devotion can take many forms – journaling, meditating, taking a walk through nature, writing a song for God, and so much more. I myself have tried all of these methods of devotion, and it even works for me to combine some of them into one long devotional session. If you’d like to learn more about how I make time for God, then please read on!


First, I actually make the time. It’s extremely important for me to have a designated time of the day to practice my devotion – usually in the morning. If I get up and say “You know what, I don’t have the time for that right now. I’ll do it later on this evening,” then 9 times out of 10, I’ll end up forgetting by mid-day. So within the first half hour of being awake, I have taken a shower, eaten breakfast, and started on my devotional time.

Second, I read the passage of the day in my daily devotional journal. My journal was established by Sarah Young, and it has pages marked with the days of the year. On each page there is a scripture lesson and a small meditative passage about God’s love and glory. I read these and then write a short reflection on the pages.

The third – and final – step is for me to close my journal and take a moment to just sit quietly and meditate. This is my time to just be with my thoughts in the morning. My “meditation” can be different depending on the thing I’m into at the moment.

Sometimes, I will sit in the traditional meditative stance and just be quiet. Other times, I’ll grab a cup of coffee and sit on my patio to be by myself in nature in the morning. Still other times, I’ll take my meditation to the yoga mat and use my time to do a bit of forward-thinking exercise. All of this just depends on the day and my mood.


That’s pretty much what I do each day! If you’re looking to start your own devotional practice, we’d love to hear about it in the comments below!




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