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When You Don’t Feel Like Going to Church

Posted by on Jan 6, 2019 in Food for Thought

When You Don’t Feel Like Going to Church

“Ughhh – it’s Sunday again. It’s so early, and I feel like I haven’t slept in a week.” (Gets up from the bed and feels immediate pounding in the head.) “Oh no, I can feel the restless headache coming on already. Why do my legs feel like noodles? … Fine, I’ll get up.” (Goes to the kitchen and makes a cup of coffee. Takes the first sip.) “Well, I feel a little more like a human now. Fine, I’ll go to church.”

If you’ve ever had a morning like the one above, then you know exactly how a lot of my Sundays start out. Finding the motivation to get up and go to church can be super hard – especially if you’re a youngin’ like myself who was out with friends until all hours of the night on Saturday. (By the way, all hours of the night for me generally means until like 11… That’s like two hours past my bedtime!)

Anticipating the fact that many of you probably have a problem similar to my own, I came up with the following 3 ways to get motivated on a Sunday morning when you just really don’t feel like going to church.

Tip #1: Plan for it the night before!
It’s so important to plan things in advance – and that’s not just coming from my OCD heart; it’s an actual tip from the big guys at the top of the self-help food chain. If you know that you’re going to have a rough time getting out of bed, then the night before set a few different alarms with the last one being the latest you could possibly get up and still be presentable for your after-church gatherings. Pick out clothes the night before that make you feel your best and get you excited for others to see you in them. It sounds counter intuitive, but sometimes being a little excited about your appearance can make starting the day easier.

Tip #2: Drink coffee from an inspiring mug…
This one doesn’t sound like it really works, but I promise you – IT WORKS. The “Joy” mug you see in this picture really reminds me of how much joy I get from worshiping the Lord with my church family. It gets me in the right mindset to be open and willing to go!

Tip #3: Take notes in church!
Alright, I know what you’re thinking: “I have to be a whole student to start wanting to go to church?” But it’s not like that at all. Yes – I pride myself on being a lifelong learner. I also know that putting pen to paper to take notes while the pastor is speaking really helps me concentrate. And when I concentrate, I retain what I learn! (Shocker.) And then the next week when I look back on my notes from before, I remember what the scripture was talking about; I start feeling closer to God, and trust me when I say that that really motivates me to go each week.


The next time you’re feeling super unmotivated to go to church, I hope you think about these tips and remember that it’s okay to engage in a little self-help. Yes – the thought of worshiping God is motivating. But sometimes we need a little extra to get us out of that bed and out of our ruts – and that’s okay.

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