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What’s In My Church Bag?

Posted by on Jan 24, 2019 in Church Life

I have a bag specifically devoted to church. Actually, I guess I should say that I have stuff specifically for church that I put in whatever bag I want to use that week. Usually, I use my Michael’s Kors tote bag because it’s got just the right amount of space inside for all my stuff! Anyway – here’s a breakdown of what I put in this lovely holding facility.

My Bible
Helloooo – this is a big one! I definitely need my bible on-hand while I’m in church. Sometimes I like to notate different passages read during the scripture lessons or the gospel lesson, and I don’t want to to deface any of the pew bibles. So I bring my own! Which leads me into my next item(s).

Note-Taking Supplies
I have a pencil (because a pen would bleed through), a pad of sticky paper (that is also tabbed which comes in handy), and various colors of Sticky-Note page markers (to do the marking of passages I mentioned before). I also bring my traveler’s notebook which is where I write notes on daily devotionals and such, so if inspiration strikes for a new church blog post or something, I’ll jot things down in that book. Note-taking in church helps me keep focused on the Word, so I try to do it as often as I can.

iPhone Camera Lenses (with case)
I am in charge of Salem’s social medias and website, so it only follows that I may need to take a picture or two each Sunday. And if inspiration strikes for a macro photo while I don’t have that lens, then I could miss out on an opportunity for some great art!

Obvious Items
I can’t leave the house without my wallet and keys, so they’re a give-in to have in my church bag. I also have my perfume roller and chapstick (or the lipgloss I’m wearing that day if I decided to do my makeup) because we have to look and smell nice while exchanging the peace!

So that’s everything! I love my bag, and I feel like having an organized list of things that I need to bring with me each Sunday really helps me get out of my head and into church. Tell me what’s in your “church bag” or what you typically bring to church in the comments below!

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