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Season of (Almost?) Love

Posted by on Feb 25, 2019 in Food for Thought

Okay, this one is going to be a little hard for some people to swallow. But bear with me here! Maybe – and this is the hard part – we don’t immediately fall in love with every human we meet… I know – shocking! But God says that we should love His Creation and all of His people therein. If we’re going to live by His Word (which we probably should right?) then we’ll need to work at it. Here are my tips for being able to show love to our fellow humans with whom we may be less than pleased:

  1. Take 3 deep breaths – When someone is really getting on our nerves or is acting in ways that make us want to forget that we’re Christians, the first thing we need to do is breathe. God didn’t give us lungs just to survive; deep breathing is a technique that’s been proven over many years to decrease the amount of stress-causing hormones in the brain. So breathe three times and let go of the negativity!
  2. Validate this person – This one is really difficult, especially in situations when someone is completely bludgeoning our beliefs or our values. But we have to remember that everyone comes from a different past. This person has a completely different background than you, and they believe in what they are saying just as much as you believe in the hasty rebuttal you’re about to present to them. Remember to validate their background first.
  3. Go in kindness – When you take into account that all of God’s people are just as human on the inside as you are, you can truly start to believe that there is common ground in everyone. Every single person has the ability to be kind under God’s guidance. Make yourself aware of the type of language you are using, and adapt as necessary to reveal your truly kind inner peace.

God created us in His image. If He can forgive us our sins and put up with us through all of our doubting and slip-ups and misguidance, then we can certainly do the same for the others in His world. Do you have any tips for interacting with people you’ve wanted to avoid? Share them in the comments below

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