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Music as a Religious Passion

Posted by on Mar 9, 2019 in Church Life, Food for Thought

I feel so strongly that you cannot have church without music. The human experience revolves somewhat around music; there’s no way to get around it! We’re born with the immediate need to emanate sound from our bodies and then from other objects as we learn what it is to make noise on purpose. As we grow up, we hear music all around us even when we aren’t intending to. You’re watching a movie? You’re going to hear music for the first time probably in the first few minutes. You’re enjoying a nice meal at a restaurant? There’s gonna be music playing in the background. It’s everywhere!

Human beings have a need for sound – both to make it and to hear it (and, for some of us, to feel its vibrations). I believe that need came from God. He planted in our hearts and minds the idea that music lifts us up, and when we’re being lifted up, the highest place we could go is up to Him.

To me, the first few notes of every hymn are so special. The music grabs my soul hard and fast, and I feel like the congregation is doing our best to make God hear us. And when we lift our voices after those first notes are played, I feel like He really does.

If you’re ever looking for a musical event to go to that doesn’t cost any money and will leave you feeling fulfilled and refreshed, go to church. You can also come to one of the seasonal concerts we hold at Salem. They’re a lot of fun, and they’ll help you feel so much closer to God. I know they help me while I’m singin’ at ’em!

Thanks for reading. Until next time!

Sierra Grayson

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