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5 Parties Who Influenced My Faith

Posted by on Mar 23, 2019 in Food for Thought

I may have talked about this before – I wasn’t always a very spiritual person. My childhood family never used to go to church (not from lack of belief but from lack of motivation), and I was baptized only out of principle. But all of that changed when I got older. My faith story is one that I could talk about for ages, but for today, I would like to talk just about the people who have influenced my journey the most.

  1. My husband Ben – I met Ben in middle school, and we started dating in high school. I can honestly say that I wouldn’t have stepped into a church again after a long time if it wasn’t for meeting him. He makes me feel so comfortable in every situation, and it was a God-send to have this experience for the first time after a long time with someone like him.
  2. Ben’s mother Charyll – How do I even talk about this woman? There are almost no words to do her justice. She is so patient and kind and forgiving. She is the reason Ben goes to church and therefor the reason I go to church. I moved into their home during college for personal reasons and started going to church with them every Sunday (one of her rules), and I can honestly say my life has been the more fulfilled because of it.
  3. The Perialas Group – I mean…my goodness. I get a little closer to God every time I sing with these folks on stage. I’ve always loved to sing, but it is a truly emotional experience to sing in a group of folks who share an enormous passion for our Lord.
  4. My mom and my sisters – They came to my first Perialas concert and heard me sing the gospel for the first time ever, and my mom actually cried. She said that she had never heard me sing with such a passion before, and from that point on, I have never wanted to stop singing for the Lord.
  5. Me – It takes so much strength and courage to involve yourself in a world you’ve never known. I did it with as much openness and excitement as I could, and it’s given me so much in return. I can thank everyone else as much as I want, but at the end of the day, if I had wanted to leave I could have. I made the brave decision to stay involved for myself and my relationship with God, and I am never going back.

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