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Favorite Bible Study Supplies

Posted by on May 4, 2019 in Church Life

Do you want to get closer to God? Get closer to His Word. I found this out when I started doing daily devotionals a little while ago. There was a time not long ago (and I still feel this way sometimes now) that I felt removed from my fellow human beings and from God a little bit too. I needed to de-clog my headspace and devote more time to Him. So what’s a better way to devote more time to God than to do a daily devotional? It’s literally in the title of what it is!

So I had to come up with the right system and the right tools to do this thing each day. These are those tools!

  • Bible App (available on iOS and Android devices – I use my Kindle because it’s bigger and I’m getting old…)
  • Devotional journal (I’m using a traveler’s notebook because the pockets are a handy place to keep other supplies and because I change out the notebooks and covers to come up with any cute combination of stationary!)
  • Pen (I hate using pencils…seriously)
  • Sticky notes (I have these fun neon talk-bubble ones because I like office supplies, but any sticky notes will do to mark up your favorite passages in a physical Bible or do what I do with the app and make notes on my journal pages if I think of stuff after-the-fact of writing)
  • Paper clips (again, I have fun coffee-cup clips for a reason…because I’m weird… but I use them for marking journal entries I think I’ll need to return to in the near future!)

And there you have it – a list of my favorite and most-used Bible study supplies. I typically start a new “study plan” in the Bible App as they’re guided ways to do your devotionals, but sometimes I’ll just pick a verse I think I need to read that day and take notes on it.

What do you do to get closer to God’s Word? What are some of your favorite supplies to do it? Let us know in the comments below!

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