Newark Salem UMC

Come grow with us – worship every sunday 10:30AM


Our Church

Salem United Methodist Church – Small, But Mighty
Welcome to Salem UMC! Our church is a modest building along Salem Church Road off of Old Baltimore Pike. (It’s the white one with the giant stretch of grass land out back!) We worship every Sunday of the year at 10:30 and take communion every first Sunday of each month. Our services are more traditional in setup, and we have an integrated music program; our choir sings an anthem, and there is a “special music” spot for a solo/group act in each service. (Read more about this on the “Music in Our Church” page.) To learn more about what our church is doing in the community, what events/exciting things we have planned, and in what mission outreaches we’re involved, please visit the “Events & Happenings” page!


Our Members

Salem UMC’s member base is small but growing. We know that the Lord is out there

helping us bring His Word to the people, and we have seen a few new members each month in the year of 2018 because of that! We have upwards of 40 people regularly in attendance, and our church can hold about 100! There is so much room for growth in our church, and we hope that you’ll be a contributor to our numbers! Come grow with us.

Mission Statement

John 3:16 – For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.
A Christian’s sole mission is to live by the Word and to help spread the Word throughout Creation. Salem UMC is the home base where all of its members gather together in unity and get inspired to go out into their communities and share the good news of Jesus – the church’s one

foundation. We seek to be a beacon of hope and light in dark times, a refuge for all who need to talk or to listen, and a force of good in our little haven of the world.